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Level Design

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[UT3] DM-Azul: Download | HOLP 3 | [-]

DM-Azul is a small low poly duel level, released as part of HOLP 3 Volume 2.

I wanted to create a duel level with a cool, calm atmosphere. The level uses an overall blue, green and white colour scheme. Two large glowing orbs are suspended above the 100a and 50a, these provide the main source of light in the level rather than light coming from the sun or moon. Silver-green foliage has been added around the roof areas to soften the edges a little, while still maintaining the clean low-poly look.


[UT3] CTF-Tangled: Download | HOLP 3 | [-]

CTF-Tangled is a low poly level for 8 - 12 players, released as part of HOLP 3.

The layout is loosely based on one of my early maps (CTF/JB-Gravity), in that there are four routes between the base and middle. Two lower routes lead from the front of the base to different levels in the middle, and two upper routes lead from either side of a high bridge in the base. The bases also have a lower route with a jump pad up to the flag, similar to CTF-Gravity. The whitebox layout was originally created for UCMP5 (which was cancelled), and later adapted to be a low poly level.

Visuals of the levels were designed to be very easy to read, by using contrasting textures, lighting and colours.

Videos: ut-X.net (Flyby) | FunLeague (Gameplay)

Review: UT Unlimited [92 / 100]


[UT3] CTF-Strand: Download | Jailbreak | [-]

CTF-Strand is set in an abandoned London Underground tube station, with colourful tiled curved walls and tunnels typically found in older tube stations.

I got inspiration for the level after working in London for a week and travelling on the tube. Some of the stations are over 100 years old, many have tiling dating back to the early 20th century. In one station, the stone slab floors had been worn to a shine from the millions of commuters who pass through every year; something you normally only see in buildings which are hundreds of years old.

A few things I couldn't convey easily were the heat, air pressure and air flow which give the deep level stations such an incredible atmosphere. I used lots of ambient sounds, and sound cues to signal when a train is approaching. I would have liked to add bits of paper getting blown around when the train approaches, but it didn't look good using UE3 physics. I also dropped the idea of getting the escalator to move, it just wasn't feasible for multiplayer since the steps got out of sync easily.

Further inspiration came from the film "Creep", photos of abandoned tube stations and previous visits to London. Photos from the London Transport Museum were used to help pick the tile colours.

The level is mostly custom meshes and textures (a few details such as litter, small objects, vents and wires are from stock UT3 packages). CTF-Strand was also converted for Jailbreak and released with the beta demo. Requires the latest patch and Titan Pack. Supports 8 - 12 players.

Video: ut-X.net (Flyby)

Review: UTUnlimited [91 / 100]


[UT3] DM-Chizra: Download | HOLP 2 | [-]

A small 2 - 4 player low poly map, released as part of the HOLP 2 map pack.

The visual theme is based on the Nali temple levels in Epic's Unreal 1, and named after one of the single player levels. Textures are based on some of the original Unreal 1 textures, which were used as a template to paint over when creating the high detail versions. Textures from this level are available to download.

Award: MSUC Phase 2 Honorable Mention

Review: UT Unlimited [83 / 100]


[UT3] DM-Subterrane: Download | PS3 | HOLP | [-]

Subterrane is a small 2 - 4 player map for UT3, released as part of the HOLP map pack. The aim of the map pack was to create maps focused on gameplay and performance, with decent but low detail (UT1-like) visuals that run well on older systems.

Time to build the level was limited; it was built from scatch in just under 8 days. The level wasn't tested online or over LAN during this time. I would like to go back to it at some point and rework the lighting, but the layout and item placement would stay the same.

The layout is based around three interconnected main areas, with a vent in the middle containing ammo and health, accessible from all three areas.

Subterrane is now one of the most widely played custom levels for UT3, and has been played extensively in 1v1 ladders.

Award: MSUC Phase 2 Honorable Mention

Review Insite [8 / 10]

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