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Level Design

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[UT2004] DM-Semerkhet: Download | [-]

This is my attempt at doing something a bit different with the Egyptian theme. I wanted to stay away from the typical orange bricks, sand and blue sky used in most Egyptian themed levels. The map is set in a dusty tomb in the middle of a storm, with makeshift scaffolding, lamps, and archaeological equipment scattered around. 2 - 6 players. Textures from this level are available to download.

Review: Insite [8.5 / 10]


[UT2004] DM-Algol: Download | [-]

Algol's theme started out as an idea to make a city on another world, with strange architecture, bright colours, and tall buildings fading into the fog below. I gradually built upon this concept with smaller ideas; the blinking mechanical "eyes", antennae, plants and other small elements. I tried to create many elements that feel alien yet familiar in some way. Overall the map's theme didn't turn out as expected, I was constantly going back to the original idea and changing it. 6 - 12 players.

Award: BeyondUnreal Best of 2007 - UT2004 Level of the Year Runner-Up

Review: Insite [8 / 10]


[UT2004] CTF-UCMP4-Talya: Download | UCMP | [-]

The theme in Talya is based on Islamic architecture from photos of Morocco and Iran. It isn't meant to be very realistic, many of the design elements are based on Islamic architecture but interpreted in a more abstract way. 6 - 12 players.

Review: BeyondUnreal UCMP4 Review [7 / 10]

Review: Insite [8.5 / 10]


[UT2004] CTF-1on1-Hourglass: Download | [-]

The map's design is similar to CTF-1on1-Joust, as you spawn at the opposite end to your own flag. Instead of a straight corridor (like Joust) there are several ramps leading through a narrower point at the middle, hence the name "Hourglass". Requires the ECE bonus pack.


[UT2004] DM-Morrigan: Download | [-]

Small 2 - 4 player map with a surrealistic theme. Inspiration for this map came from various sources, mainly everyday objects and animals. The large angular blocks are based on some concrete blocks I saw next to a harbour pier while on holiday. I wondered how they could fit together to form a pattern. The pods with animating textures are roughly based on deep-sea jellyfish.

Review: Insite Review [8.5 / 10]


[UT2004] DM-Entropic: Download | [-]

"Entropic" is a DM map with a simple layout, made mainly for TAM or TDM with around 4 - 10 players. My main inspiration for the visual elements in this map came from the film The Forbidden Planet (1956).

Award: Winner of the Mapraider.com best maps of 2006 calendar contest

Review: Review at Mapraider [8.7 / 10]

Review: Insite Review [7.5 / 10]

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