Mynah Bird: Bird Species Profile

If you want a chatty, smart bird to share your residence, then the exotic mynah bird is the pet for you. Its striking features as well as friendly individuality make this bird a preferred with bird fanatics that take into consideration the mynah among the most effective bird actors of individual pep talk, 2nd merely to the gray parrot.

Species Overview
USUAL NAMES: Mynah bird, myna bird, ying power bird, maina bird, typical mynah, mountain mynah, Indian mynah

TAXONOMIC NAME: Acridotheres tristis (popular mynah), Gracula religiosa (hill mynah).

ADULT SIZE: 12 to 18 ins long.

LIFE SPAN: 12 to 25 years.

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Beginning and History.

Mynah birds stem from the Sturnidae or even starling family of birds. A softbill varieties, this bird is actually native to Africa, India, southeast Asia, and Indonesia. It has been actually widely introduced as well as right now lives in a lot of the world in the wild. In old Greece, the mynah bird was actually an aristocractic household pet.

The word “mynah” comes from the Hindu phrase maina, and the Sanskrit phrase madana, which means “fun-loving and fascinating.” In Indian literary works, the bird possesses numerous labels, including kalahapriya (one who enjoys debates), chitranetra (beautiful eyes), peetanetra (one along with yellow eyes), as well as peetapaad (one with yellow legs).

Both principal forms of mynah birds always kept as pets are capital mynah as well as the typical mynah. Capital mynah is the variety very most Western household pet managers acquire as a dog and is the one that can “talk” like a human. The usual mynah is frequently thought about a parasite and is among one of the most intrusive bird varieties on the planet. It was offered right into non-native habitations to assist inhibit pests. The bird was actually a results as a bug fantastic, however the areal popular mynah regularly changed indigenous birds and depleted their food supply.

A third wide array, the Bali mynah, is actually a rare, extremely imperiled varieties. Less than 100 Bali mynahs exist in bush.


Mynah birds are actually energetic, social birds and possess splendidly outgoing individuals. It gets along, clever, as well as adapts well to staying in cages, which makes it an excellent family pet that will reproduce in bondage. Hand-raised infants are completely socialized with people as well as usually make better pet dogs. As young birds, they are less complicated to tame as well as train to speak. They take pleasure in individual communication yet are certainly not fond of snuggling or discovering tricks.

Younger birds adapt conveniently to brand new atmospheres and conditions. Subject your brand-new bird early to various folks, including each sexes, various generation, and brand-new scenarios, like automobile excursions, brows through to the vet, and also viewing various spaces of the house. A mynah bird usually connections closest to the individual that gives it the absolute most interest, does speech instruction, in addition to supplies and also cleans up the crate.

Mynahs may attack much smaller birds. If you keep greater than one bird selection, it’s best to keep them divide from mynah birds.

Speech and also Vocalizations.

Be prepared for it to carry out more than regular traits you claim if you acquire a mynah bird as a family pet. These birds have a wide and also varied vocalism collection that consists of sounding, shrieking, and also various other noises that are actually strangely human-sounding.

Hillside and also typical mynahs are actually renowned for their potential to imitate the human voice. They can learn up to 100 phrases. The essential to teaching your bird to speak is rep as well as patience. Choose words or key phrase you wish it to know and also plainly say the word, duplicating it time and time once again.

Mynah Bird Colors and Markings.

Its own relative, the common mynah, has a dark-brown physical body with a black head and also neck, as well as a yellowish beak and also feet. Various other than genetic screening or even seeing which bird puts the eggs, there is no genuine reputable way to inform them apart.

Caring for the Mynah Bird.

Mynah birds are actually incredibly active and also enjoy hopping around coming from branch to post. They need a sizable crate; the minimal cage size for one mynah bird ought to be actually 4 shoes broad, 2 feet high, and also concerning 2 shoes deep.

Provide a nest carton for the bird to sleep in. Keep its own cage off of winds as well as cover the crate during the night to stop breezes. Also, carry out not put the cage near the cooking area as mynahs are sensitive to smoke as well as solid scents.

Mynah birds like to take showers, thus deliver a dish or food that is huge enough for all of them to splash around in a number of inches of warm water. Bathtubs aid birds sustain their quill by clearing away dust, dander, loose plumes, and bird termites, while also offering dampness. Air conditioning and heater in residences can dry a bird’s skin layer. You may likewise haze your mynah along with a spray bottle. Carry out certainly not place your bird in the shower; the spray coming from the showerhead might be actually as well tough.

Common Health Issue.

Mynahs possess a proneness to creating certain liver troubles as well as hemochromatosis or even iron storage space health condition. In mynah birds, hemochromatosis seems to be linked to higher diet iron intake. Carefully deal with the volume of iron you give in the diet regimen.

Diet as well as Health and nutrition.

In the wild, the hill mynah’s diet regimen is actually mainly fruit. At the same time, the popular mynah is omnivorous, eating fruit product, honey, as well as bugs.

In bondage, feed your mynah bird animal a softbill pellet mix that possesses 18 percent protein, 8 per-cent fat, and a quite little bit of iron to aid offset a disease triggered by malabsorption of iron. Pellets should have to do with half of their diet plan.

You can easily give enriched, sweet fruit, apple, dates, grapes, mangos, mango, papaya, orange, pineapple, watermelon, pear, and also plum. Avoid excessive bananas because they include a bunch of sugar. Perform certainly not nourish dried out fruits that are high in iron, like raisins. Eliminate the seeds in fruits; they might be dangerous. Likewise, prevent giving green vegetables that are actually high in iron like peas, green grains, wonderful potatoes, as well as broccoli. Make sure vegetables as well as fruit products are actually partitioned bite-sized parts; mynahs don’t chew their meals.

You may supplement their diet regimen along with waxworms, mealworms, or crickets. If breeding your mynahs, mealworms should make up at least 5% of the multiplying pair’s diet regimen and also need to be readily available for the mama to feed the child birds.

Generally of finger, start through delivering your bird 1/4 cup of pellets as well as 1/4 mug of vegetables and fruits daily. Improve the quantity as needed. Get rid of the uneaten meals to stop putridity.

Mynahs need to regularly have access to clean drinking water; distilled or filteringed system water is actually favored.


Mynah birds need workout and ought to be enabled out of their cage daily for a minimum of an hour. Before you let your bird out of their cage, ensure that you have closed all of the doors and windows, switched off roof enthusiasts, and clear away other interior pets.

Mynah birds enjoy having fun with playthings, such as mirrors, alarms, container limits, and also various other little products. Toys will keep them engaged. Prevent rope playthings given that they can easily obtain caught in your bird’s tongue or toe nails.

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Where to Take on or even Acquire a Mynah Bird.

Mountain mynahs are actually so well-known as family pets that demand for the birds far exceeds their capability to breed in bondage. You’re certainly not likely to find a mynah bird in your ordinary community pet establishment. Many people get their dog mynahs coming from breeders. The birds market coming from $five hundred to $1,500. Savings, fostering associations, and also breeders where you may locate mynah birds feature:.

  • Embrace a Pet dog.
  • Softbills offer for sale.
  • Bird Breeders.

Indicators to seek in a well-balanced bird include clear, brilliant eyes; tidy, soft plumes; a good appetite; as well as a active and curious disposition. Avoid birds that have ejection from nostrils or mouth, fluffed plumes for extended durations, or birds that sit on all-time low of the crate. After buying your brand new bird, have it taken a look at through your vet.

Mynah birds come coming from the Sturnidae or even starling family of birds. The bird was a success as a bug awesome, but the territorial popular mynah often displaced native birds and also diminished their food source.

Mynah birds are actually energetic, social birds as well as possess incredibly outward bound personalities. Baths assist birds preserve their plumage by eliminating dust, dander, loose feathers, and bird mites, while likewise giving humidity. Steer clear of birds that have discharge coming from nose or mouth, fluffed plumes for extended time periods, or even birds that sit on the bottom of the cage.

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